Glenmaggie Wines

Producers of beautiful wine with full flavours and a loving history.

Glenmaggie Wines, one of south-eastern Victoria’s flagship growers, is situated on a picturesque hillside in the Gippsland Plains. This region is ideal wine-making country, thanks to limited summer and autumn rain, and long, cool ripening periods. Operated by Fleur and Tony Dawkins, the vineyard dates back to 1983 and produces hand grown, high-quality fruit. Firm believers in the old adage that good wine is grown on the vine, Fleur and Tony adopt a very natural approach to wine-making, overseeing their produce all the way from vine to bottle.


“ Untreated wine with full flavours and a loving history. ”

Specialising in Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Glenmaggie operates with a strong ethos of minimal intervention. Fleur and Tony avoid filtering and preservative additions in their processes, creating a natural, untreated wine with full flavours and a loving history.

Gippsland’s wine-ready climate was a lucky break for a young Tony Dawkins, who first began playing around with grape vines as a kid on the family farm. After moving to the city to attend university, Tony was drawn back to his homeland with one goal in mind: to produce his own wines. By the year 2000, Tony and his wife Fleur had bottled their first vintage, and the pair debuted their first Shiraz and Cab Sav at the local Sale Cup race meeting in 2003.


Production continues to this day, as the winery moves from strength to strength. Now with the help of their son Jack, Fleur and Tony still believe that the value of a good wine lies in its story: where it came from, and the methods by which it was perfected.


Tony and Fleur are passionate producers with a strong philosophy of nature, growth, love and care – an ethos that is wholly evident in the pure, handcrafted tones of their produce. The pair welcome visitors to their cellar door around Easter, at the end of the harvest, to learn about the provenance of their award-winning wines.

Glenmaggie Wines
Tinamba West, Victoria

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