Boisdales Best Vegetables

A family run business, producing fresh vegetabes for the Gippsland region.

A beloved, family-owned business, Boisdales Best Vegetables is one of the charms of the Gippsland local produce circuit. Located in the heart of Gippsland’s dairy farm region, Boisdale is a 600-strong town just north of Maffra, in the Shire of Wellington. With a mild climate, rich soil and water piped from nearby Lake Glenmaggie, it’s little wonder this region reaps such revered crops.


“ The Harvey family have been toiling to perfect their vegetables for over 20 years ”

Of course, it isn’t all luck – the Harvey family have been toiling to perfect their vegetables for over 20 years. In 2012, the family saw value in selling their produce direct from the farm. Their roadside shop still operates today, to the delight of locals and passers-by. Visitors to the Boisdales Best farm gate will experience the allure of vegetables picked fresh from their source. They’ll also discover the finest ingredients for a sumptuous local meal: carrot, cabbage and silverbeet for the salad; beetroot, cauliflower and turnip for the roasting tray.

At Boisdales Best, it’s not all beets and bulbs. When asked to name their favourite line of produce, the Harveys are quick to point out that their green beans are the talk of the marketplace. The farmers have spent years perfecting their beans, and as visitors soon discover, colour, taste and succulent texture are the reasons behind their success. Beyond the farm gate, Boisdales Best deliver truckloads of fresh vegetables to restaurants, hotels and cafes across the region. Their produce is sold at a store in the Latrobe Valley and at farmers’ markets across the state. More recently, the Harveys set up their pride and joy: a permanent spot at the South Melbourne market, to provide regular produce for hungry city shoppers.


Despite the reach of the Boisdales Best crops, the Harveys’ task list is far from complete. These fine food producers are constantly trying new lines, experimenting with new techniques, and challenging the status quo to find better ways to grow the highest quality vegetables.


In the past, they have grown and sold pumpkins, potatoes, sweet corn and even Berlotti beans. What comes next is anyone’s guess – we’re not even sure the farmers know yet.

Boisdales Best Vegetables
Boisdale, Victoria

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